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Bending tubing for our mini bike welding project

Finally bending tubing for the mini bike

Sep 2

The mini bike really comes together in the upcoming issue. We use a simple conduit bender for all of our bends. Once you start bending the tubing you can really see the mini bike taking shape. In the next issue we fabricate virtually all of the individual metal parts needed for the project. That way, you'll have everything on hand for the final assembly. Don't miss it!

decals for welded minibike gas tank

Decals substitute for custom paint

Aug 30

On our multi-issue mini bike project, I wanted to have the name of the mini bike written out on the gas tank as if it were hand-painted by a pin-striper, but that was a little cost prohibitive. Then I remembered a guy at the local flea market that will make vinyl decals for a few bucks. So, I bought decals! They worked great (although I have no idea how long they'll last). In the upcoming issue I'll give you the exact size and font information in case you build the bike with us. Which I encourage you to do!


Summer 2015 issue ready now!

June 03

Our Summer issue awaits! This garden swing for one will improve any garden or porch. Plus, we build the first part of our multiple-issue project, the Weldcrafts Sprout mini bike! We also fabricate some very strong driveway lights, so the neighbor kids can't break them like they did the Home Depot fixtures we replaced. Lots more, and some fun welding tips and techniques, too.

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Fall 2014 issue ready now!

Oct 20

We're very excited to announce that Apple has approved our app and Fall 2014 issue! We published it today on the Apple app store, on Google Play for Android tablets and on Amazon for the Kindle Fire. Please check it out! We're looking forward to hearing what you think of the projects we selected, and if you find our tips and techniques helpful.

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Weldcrafts mini bike


Sep 2

Just got this artist rendering of a mini bike project we'll begin in 2015. I wanted to get this illustration in time to include it in the Fall 2014 issue. It appears near the end, for the "In the Next Issue" blurb. Even though it's just a rendering, and the bike may change a little before we're done, I do promise that it will be an all-new mini bike. For one thing, we'll weld our own 8-inch gas tank, with no sheet-metal shaping tools required. Mini bikes are making a huge comeback, and this one is from a totally original plan. Over the first three issues of Weldcrafts in 2015 we'll reveal the plans for the Weldcrafts Sprout - white wall tires and all! We can all start building this one together in the winter, and be riding it by summer.



Success at the fall issue fabrication day

Aug 30

We've just spent the day with Daniel Hester from The Metal School. He welded several of the projects in our upcoming fall issue. We documented and photographed all the fabrication steps for our upcoming Fall 2014 issue. We expect the magazine to be ready in October. Here you can see Daniel posing with a piggy bank we feature in our magazine. This little piggy is cute, but he's fierce, too. He doesn't cough up the money easily! Check out the magazine for details.