About us

About Us

We're designing a magazine for us. And we think you're like us.

Our Ag teacher

Some of us are the target audience for our own magazine! We're hobby welders who just happen to have design-oriented day jobs. We do the magazine part, deciding what goes in by asking what we'd enjoy reading and building. But others are mechanical engineers, certified welders and great welding instructors.

It's a match made in heaven. We combine our professional talents to bring you well-designed welding content.

Two of us first started welding in the same high school, back in the mid '80s. Our school had a very active agriculture program, and Ag classes were the place to be if you were a get-your-hands-dirty kind of person. Our efforts here are largely dedicated to our Ag teacher, the late great Dan Johnson. He taught us not only how to judge cattle, castrate sheep, and build sheet metal tool trays, but also how to be sensible adults that could get on in the world. He insisted that we understand how things work. Not just engines, though. Everything. How to shake hands. How to negotiate. How to present yourself. His enthusiasm and expectations that we could make good still ring in our ears 30 years later. We appreciate his life lessons, and we miss him.

As a Sr. Designer at a Fortune 500 company, one of us spent a lot of time laying out magazines and newsletters, and writing and producing corporate videos. We take advantage of that skillset to bring you an interactive magazine about welding that is curated and cleanly presented. There is no other publication like it.

A couple more of us are Mechanical Engineers. We lean on these two not to sign off on our plans or anything, but more to ask questions like, "How do I figure out how much steel rod I'll need to make an egg-shaped loop about 5-feet in the long dimension,a nd maybe 2 feet in the short dimension?

We also call on a range of consultants and certified welders. Certified welders make every weld inside the magazine, unless we expressly state otherwise.

We do what we have to do to create NEW projects that you haven't seen before, that we ourselves think would be fun to build.