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About the magazine

All-new projects

Plans for all-new modern projects you haven't seen before, like a piggybank you have to grind open. Now that's a savings plan! From weekend projects like modern lighting fixtures and bird houses, to complex projects such as mini bikes, porch swings, and wall-to-wall shelving systems, you'll find lots to do inside Weldcrafts Magazine.

rolled steel for sale

If you've never read an interactive magazine on your tablet before, take a chance with ours. Anytime we can use an interactive feature to let you "experience" welding, we will. We want you to have a great time reading our magazine on your digital device.

Pro Video

We love the internet, but a concise expert who is not holding his own camera is even better. Our professionally produced videos appear right in the pages of the magazine. They include multiple camera angles, including a through-the-hood view, so you see what the welder sees.

3D diagram
Engineered plans

Our projects include 3D blow-out images and other technical drawings when required. We'll design projects that are a joy to use (of course you are responsible for verifying that your projects are safe).

Welded Candlesticks
Slide shows

Paper magazines have limited space for photos. We take advantage of our digital edition and show you tons of pictures. You can thumb through fabrication shots and look for the perspective you need. Or, see real people enjoying the finished projects.

Weldcrafts Sprout mini bike
Projects to look forward to

This is an artist's rendering of an all-new mini bike we're designing from the ground up. In 2015 we'll all build it together, with an article in each of the first three issues of the year. Subscribe, and you could be riding it by summer!