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After three years as a paid iPad "Newstand" magazine, we're reinventing ourselves as a good ol' welding blog right here on the web. No iPad required.

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Curated content
All-new projects

Our engineers, designers and certified welders develop plans for all-new and fun projects you can really use in your life.

Quality instructional videos

We love the internet, but we love a good concise expert who isn't holding his own camera even more. Our videos are concise and have the details you need.


We're like a woodworking magazine, but for steel. We're a magazine you'll look forward to. Four times a year we'll remind you to get out there and fabricate something for someone you love.

About Us

Some of us are the target audience for our own magazine! We're hobby welders who just happen to have design-oriented day jobs. We do the magazine part, deciding what goes in by asking what we'd enjoy reading and building. But others are mechanical engineers, certified welders and great welding instructors.

It's a match made in heaven. We combine our professional talents to bring you well-designed welding content.

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